Fundraisers 2021

Meridian Meats/Ralphs Farm Markets

SOBC Coquitlam is excited to announce a fundraiser that hopefully works for many of you!  It is through Meridian Meats/Ralphs Farm Markets, which is a locally owned company. They have great meat, poultry, seafood, and some really good appetizers and unique side dishes.

It is super-easy to participate - you purchase a $100 gift card (or more - they never expire) and SOBC Coquitlam gets 30% ($30 on every $100 gift card purchase)!!!  You will end up with $100 to spend and we end up with $30!  You can also purchase gift cards as gifts!

The attached letter from Meridian Meats explains the purchase process and shows all their locations. Please contact Sheila Hogan for more information on how to arrange the purchase of your gift card.

Sobeys Fundraising Campaign 2021

April 1 is Day 1 of the Sobeys fundraising campaign! This campaign for Special Olympics Canada is running from April 1 to 15 2021. Customers will be asked if they would like to make a donation at the checkout. Our nationwide goal is to raise $1 million for Special Olympics!

These much-needed funds will be vital to help Special Olympics BC return to sport as soon as safely possible. In these challenging times, this support is absolutely critical.

Please help us celebrate this incredible donation and all of the Sobeys, Safeway and Thrifty Foods employees who made this possible. And please consider supporting these local businesses who have helped make this incredible contribution possible.